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Wind Turbine Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Advanced testing solutions for your wind assets

Wind turbines are highly complex machines that undergo extremely high static and dynamic loads. These loads, experienced during operation and over such long lifespans (15-30 years) take a toll on the structural elements of the turbine itself.

Cracking and other structural fatigue issues are common in almost all load-transferring elements of a wind turbine. These are exposed to significant forces or loading during operation and over time result in failures (blade debonding, tower weld cracking, bolt failures, generator frame cracks, blade bearing cracks etc. just to name a few)

If left undetected, these issues can progress over time and cause a complete loss of your asset or worse injury to personnel. Unlike many other components, structural components are often not exchangeable or too costly to exchange which means keeping on top of emerging issues is critical to ensure the integrity of the entire asset.

Detailed visual examination and Non-Destructive Testing is a crucial component of inspection and safety monitoring of your assets. This is especially true for assets in operation for more than 15 years or those earmarked for Life Time Extension.

What We Offer

Through experience we know that ageing machines require a greater complexity of inspection. Our teams target and examine all load-transferring and safety relevant components of your turbines based on knowledge of common concerns or defects.

We offer a full suite of NDT services and can schedule a full complement of NDT inspection techniques tailored to our client’s needs. Depending on client needs this may cover:

Unless specific defects are already known and the focus of the NDT visit is routine observation, the first step is normally to conduct climbdown of the turbine. This is where a Detailed Visual Inspection (DVI) is carried out. This approach ensures that any major issues are identified quickly and through a low cost activity.

When completing an inspection our team will target all areas of concern. Identify and log all issues and provide guidance on the most appropriate solutions for follow up examination if necessary.

Through inspection we can provide our customers with peace of mind that hidden issues will not emerge over time and lead to extensive and costly damages. At the same time we also provide our clients with clear solutions and actionable data which help them to make informed decisions when making financial & engineering decisions.

Areas We Inspect

Typical areas of inspection include;

NDT Techniques

Blade NDT Services

There is a world of difference between the steel structural elements of a wind turbine and the composites used in blade construction. We appreciate that a completely different set of expertise and knowledge is required in this subject area.

For this reason, we provide these services through a trusted and accredited industry partner. Through this partnership we guarantee our clients world leading wind turbine blade expert services when needed most.

These Services Include:


Our NDT inspection team holds certification to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System for Non Destructive Testing Services. This certification is recognised internationally.

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We pride ourselves on our comprehensive and easy-to-read deliverables. We can supply our reports in multiples formats and file types. You tell us what you need and we can deliver it. Our high-resolution imagery coupled with clear defect highlighting means you can verify what we saw with confidence.

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