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Mech-V HSSE Our Health & Safety Policy and Management Systems

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  1. Our Health and Safety Policy
  2. Directors Commitment & Core Principles
  3. Positive and Safe Work Environment
  4. Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Our Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety is a core principle of our business. We are committed to instilling a proactive health and safety culture within our organisation. We believe that safety is achieved through a combination of effective safety management systems, constant practice, knowledge and learning.

Our people are our greatest assets, and they are our ambassadors for health and safety. We aim to educate our people to the highest standard possible within our organisation. Having the knowledge to understand the risks of their work and also have a keen eye for the identification of hazards is integral to their individual ability to positively contribute to health and safety in their environment.

We, as an organisation, are committed to:

The welfare of our people and others around us is paramount above all else and we are dedicated to ensuring that we operate in such a way as to eliminate or minimise the effects of hazards in the workplace as effectively as possible. We recognise that safety is in the mindset of us all and collectively this ethos should be carefully fostered in the way we work within our company.

Directors Commitment & Core Principles

We believe strongly that the honesty, integrity and reliability of our business is embodied in the people who work within our company. We aim to conduct our operations in such a way as to ensure that our people are committed to upholding these principles and that they have the appropriate tools and understanding, to develop and foster a positive culture within the company in its day-to-day operations. This is true for all employees from senior management to all workers in the field.

It is our goal that these principles be carried throughout our systems of work and these are associated with the core principles of how our company operates its safety management system.

Core Principles

Positive and Safe Work Environment

We aim to ensure our organisation is a positive place to work. We believe our people are our greatest assets, and that good working relationships are integral to ensuring healthy company systems, safety culture and a proactive mindset. We provide a workplace environment that is inclusive and supportive. Where personnel are comfortable with the company’s systems and where they feel that they can participate in the continuous improvement of our operations for their own and also the company’s overall benefit.

We want all our employees to feel part of an organisation that is not demanding or restrictive and where people feel they are part of a team working towards a common goal. Our people are given autonomy in their work and are rewarded for their contributions to their team and to the company.

We are committed to fostering an ethos that promotes learning, development and knowledge sharing and therefore better equips our people with the understanding of the hazards and risks associated with our work environment.

The management of Mech-V will do its part in taking the initiative to foster a positive and safe working environment for all its personnel. We understand that a culture in itself is not made up of a few people but of the entire organisation therefore we value the contributions from our personnel in helping us achieve these goals.

Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Mech-V is by nature a low emissions company however we are committed to improving the sustainability of our operations further and proactively reduce our carbon footprint where possible in our day-to-day operations.

We are committed to:

Last Updated: 17 February 2021